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Measuring range:
   Length Z-axis 150 mm
   Radius X-axis 500 mm
   Diameter 1000 mm

    Repeat:  ± 2µm
    Setting:  < 2µm
    Display:   0.001mm
    Concentric:   0.002mm

Pneumatic slide clamping for both axes
electronic infinite micro adjustment and
one-hand operating handle and foot
switch to release axes.

Heidenhain measuring systems and
bellow cover. Membrane keyboard to
clamp and release all power-operated
functions of tool-holding fixture.

CNC-control in both axes.
Positioning accuracy 0.001 mm.
Compressed air service unit.

Table system, support arm for monitor
and keyboard. Joystick for motor fine
control and positioning.

 »saturn 2«-Image Processing Technology

 Camera with telecentrical objective and software for automatic measuring and presetting
 of tools, magnification of tool cutting-edge 35-fold, fully automatic determination of tool
 cutting-edge shape. Fully automatic measuring by means of »saturn 2«-measuring
 programs, 15“ TFT-colour display. Operating system Windows XP® / US-version (English)
 Universal High Precision Spindle / Autofocus / ROD

 Concentricity truth 0.002 mm, pneumatic spindle brake and autofocus for automatic
 focusing. Quick-change device for adapter toolpost and clamping elements for power-
 operated clamping of tools. Pneumatic release device of safety device for tools. Change-
 over accuracy 0.001 mm. Integrated calibration edge. Rotation generator for third axis.
 Electronics »saturn 2« 3-Axes "D"

 Graphic operating screen under Windows ®, adapter management for 999 zero points,
 tool management for at least 15,000 tools. Tolerance check for X/Z-measuring values.
 Radius, diameter or differential dimension modes for both axes can be selected
 independently. Pentium 4-computer with at least 2,4 GHz, 512 MB main memory,
 2 Centronics, 6 interfaces V.24, disc drive with 3,5", and 6 interfaces USB 2.0., thereof
 2 available from the front, disc drive with 3,5", DVD-RW-drive for backup and harddisc
 with at least 40 Gbyte. 15" TFT-colour display. Operating system Windows® XP-
 Professional, US-version (English), power factor (PF) corrected power unit.

  Options + Accessories
 Automatic Cutting Edge Cleaning

 For cyclic cleaning of all cutting edges at the circumference of a crankshaft cutter with
 diameter D 750 mm (other diameters on request), integrated automatic smoothing of the
 plasticine by compensation coils mounted at the circumference. Milling cutter with a
 width of max. 40 mm. Other models on request. (One spare rim included.)

 Complete Protection Shell of Operating Area

 In order to protect the operating staff and to ensure the measuring process,
 with safety switch at the wing doors.

 Loading Trolley for Crankshaft Cutters

 For a safe loading and unloading as well as for the transport of crankshaft cutters. Linear
 unit for inserting and extending in the measuring machine. Version of the centering- and
 holding unit according to customer tool. A locating hole in the tool is required.
 Tool Holding Fixture KK »gemini«

 Tool holding fixture »gemini« for high precisison spindle size II. Loading centering device
 and loading holding device. Integrated power clamping device for clamping on cap-head
 bolt SK 60 DIN 69872. Short taper-size and distance-loading centering device are adapted
 to customer's tool. Integrated safety device for tools is included. For the fixed price details
 a tool drawing is required.

 Printer "Lists/Graphics" 230 Volt

 Laser-printer with LED printing technology for test logs

 Printer Board

We have the right to make technical changes.

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