with tapered screw adjustment, μm-accurate adjustable

HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING Cartridges differ from the competition particulary in the way the radial adjustment is achieved whereas dimensions are also according to ISO-DIN. Contrary to other ISO DIN-cartridges with adjustment by radial screw or by a timeconsuming underlaying procedure, the machining diameter of Hollfelder-Gühring cartridges is adjusted in a convenient and highly precise way by means of a tapered screw.

ISO-cartridges offer an utmost degree of flexibility in the design of customer specific tool solutions.  Particularly large tool diameters can be produced pricewise economically due to the relatively easy assembly of cartridges while the basic holders are made of aluminium or untempered steel. This design in many cases reduces weight and primarily costs. Any inaccuracies that might occur can easily be compensated by means of the radial and axial adjustment of the cartridges.

The advantages of HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING cartridges:

Both cartridge and insert remain solidly fixed in the basic holder respectively in the pocket seat during the adjustment operation. The angular position of the insert remains unchanged.

This type of assembly guarantees the best possible stability of the connection holder-cartridge. Internal machining tools satisfying highest requirements in precision and quality, can thus be produced with cartridges of HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING CUTTING TOOLS, starting at a bore diameter of 20 mm already.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.