W 1035
W 2853
W 1730
W 3570
W 1733
W 4090
W 2850
W 3573
W 4093  

  Inserts precision ground
    for fineboring tools and cartridges

HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING INSERTS are the core parts of our tools.  The applied cutting grades and coatings fulfil the latest requirements from the market and ensure a cutting performance and toollife on the highest level.

The combination of the precise pocket seat, the robust clamping element and the precision ground insert is the optimum basis for a smooth cut, perfect chip control and as a result of this an excellent surface finish on the workpiece.
The geometries of our standard inserts are designed for a wide range of applications. By selecting the right chip breaker geometry also difficult to machine materials as well as materials with a tendency to long swarfs can be securely machined.

The good availability from stock of our standard inserts supports you in saving costs and reduces your capital investment. Beside our standard program we also offer you additional cutting grades and geometries on request. Especially tailor made wiper geometries lead in many cases to a better surface finish, higher feed rates along with constant high precision and reduced machining times.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.