Drill / Chamfering Tools

Assembly instructions

Changing the insert


  Loosen clamp set (1 to 2 turns)
     and remove the worn insert

  Clean pocket seat


  Put new insert into pocket seat
  Press insert into the pocket seat
     while slightly tightening the clamp set
  Push insert against the drill, therefore
     place 0.03 mm feeler gauge between
     insert and drill
  Hold insert in position and tight down
     clamp set with recommended torque

Clamp set Clamping set for Tx Torque (Ncm)
E4890 H 2006-... ... 6 70
E4991 H 3006-... ... 8 140

Torque wrenches
Drawing number Version Tx Ncm
E5000 adjustable 6 20-120
E5001 adjustable 8 100-600
E5400-6 fixed 6 70
E5400-8 fixed 8 140

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