HPC milling cutters
   for rough and finish machining

  Extremely high number of cutting edges
      for finish machining at milling cutters
      (i.e. dia. 63, Z=12, dia. 125, Z=27)
  Easy to set – precision adjustable cutting
      edges, Enclosed chip flute design
  Replaceable PCD inserts and carbide
      chip guiding elements
  Wear-resistant steelbody, modular design
  PCD cutting inserts for finish milling are
      regrindable up to 10 times
  Regeneration service for PCD cutting
      inserts for rough machining
  Suitable for MQL machining

  Virtually chip-free components, lower cleaning costs    Reduced tooling costs per component    Extremely high feed rates (up to 60,000 mm/min)    Lower machine investment for new projects    Tool life improvement by factor 2 to 5    High productivity and energy efficiency

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