HPC milling cutters
   for finish machining

The chip guiding elements are mounted ex works!

1. Determine the highest chip guiding element.
    Place milling cutter in a setting fixture and
    rotate under the dial test indicator and
    measure the individual guiding elements.

2. Assemble the milling cutter and tighten the
    clamping screws (CS 1) to 15 Ncm.
    Do not tighten the clamping screws (CS 2)!

3. Adjust the inserts in longitudinal direction
    with the adjustment screws (AS) to 10 μm
    before the setting dimension.

    Setting dimension =
    chip guiding element height +30 μm

    The maximum axial run-out error should be 2 μm.

4. Tighten the clamping screws (CS 2) to 80 Ncm, loosen again and tighten to 15 Ncm.

5. Tighten the clamping screws (CS 1) to 80 Ncm.

6. Adjust all the inserts to the setting dimension. The maximum axial run-out error
     should be 2 μm. Tighten the clamping screws (CS 2) to 80 Ncm.

7. A check measurement is to be carried out after 10 minutes. If the axial run-out
    error is in excess of 2 μm, the inserts must be re-adjusted without loosening the
    clamping screws.

Torque (Ncm) Torx size Part nr. Code
  Torque wrench fixed 15 Tx 6 20063 0.150
  Torque wrench fixed 80 Tx 6 20063 0.800
  Bit 6 for clamping screws CS1 / CS2 80 Tx 6 4917 6.000
  Bit 8 for clamping element 80 Tx 8 4917 8.000
  Bit 6 interchangeable blade 15 Tx 6 20078 6.000
  Torque wrench adjustable 10 - 80 Tx 6 20063 0.810

Spare Parts
Tool type Part nr. Code
Q99... Clamping screw CS1&CS2 20080 3.000
Adjusting screw AS 20081 4.000

Safety note:
In the event of damage the tool must be returned to the manufacturer for checking for
technical safety reasons!   Only original replacement parts must be used!

We reserve the right to make technical changes.