Bar puller / Rotary Stop

Radial toolholder form B1-B4

Radial toolholder form C1-C4

Radial toolholder form B1-B4 short

Radial toolholder form B5-B8 long

Axial toolholder form C1-C4

Radial-axial toolholders

Multiple toolholders / Shims

Collet chucks form E4 for collets ER/DIN 6499
Collet chucks E3 for collets DIN 6388

Holders for insert drills

Holders for insert drills Whistle Notch

Boring bar holders Form E2

Boring bar holders slotted

Boring bar holders Form E7 / E8

Holders form F1 for M.T. shanks ISO 296

Reduction bushes for boring bar holders

Quick locking drill chucks

Auto tappers / Die housing inserts

Floating holders, axially parallel compensating

Toolholders for cut off tools adjustable in height

Radial/Axial toolholders adjustable in height

Boring bar holders adjustable in height

Broaching toolholders / Broaching cutters


Test arbors / Blind tooling bore / Driver centering point

  Toolholders for star-turret DIN 69880 / DIN ISO 10889

Toolholder VDI30 with HSK-T40 clamping unit


  Double Turning-toolholders


Infeed toolholders

VDI 25 Combi toolholders

VDI 30 Combi toolholders

VDI 40 Combi toolholders

VDI 30 VDI 40 Combi toolholders

Adjust plates for combi-toolholders

Driven tools Axial drilling and milling head

Driven tools Swivel head

Driven tools Radial drilling and milling head

Driven tools Radial drilling and milling head set back

Collet chuck cyl.

      Coolant nozzles

Clamping nuts

      Sealing Disc

Collets type ER/ESX DIN 6499-B

Collets DIN 6499 sealed

Tapping collets without axial compensation

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