The Universal Deburring
Tool for Elliptical or
Contoured Surfaces

• Replaceable solid carbide coated blades
• Blade coatings offer longer tool life and
   increased performance
• Sizes 2-41mm (.079-1.614”) available
   from stock
• Breakthrough technology provides
   consistent quality COFA

  COFA is the first and unrivaled tool system that removes burrs on the front and back of a drilled through-hole on even and uneven surfaces in a single cycle. It radially removes the burrs off the bore edges, without requiring the workpiece to be turned or the spindle stopped.

No adjusting screws or setting requirements are necessary. Each tool is sized for your application and material.

It is built for high volume production in CNC machines but can also be used for manual operation. The proven advanced system assures high efficiency and the required process capability.

 Bore    Max. Deburring Capacity 1  Tool Series
 Ø 2.0 – Ø 3.1 mm    0.15 mm  COFA 2
 Ø 3.0 – Ø 4.1 mm    0.25 mm  COFA 3
 Ø 4.0 – Ø 5.0 mm    0.25 mm  COFA 4
 Ø 5.0 – Ø 6.0 mm    0.35 mm  COFA 5
 Ø 6.0 – Ø 8.4 mm    0.70 mm  COFA C6
 Ø 8.0 – Ø 12.4 mm    0.90 mm  COFA C8
 Ø 12.0 – Ø 22.0 mm    1.40 mm  COFA C12
 Ø 20.5 – Ø 30.0 mm    COFA C12OS
 Ø 30.5 – Ø 40.0 mm    COFA C12OS
 ab Ø 10 mm,Ø 14 mm,Ø 20 mm    0.70 mm,0.90 mm,1.40 mm  COFA C6,C8,C12
1) The deburring result differs due to material, cutting data and application. The value listed is the maximum that is theoretically achievable. The spring has to be selected accordingly.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.