All Purpose Front
& Back Chamfering
of Through Holes

• Chamfers front and back surfaces in a
   single pass
• Provides high quality, consistent chamfers
• Coated carbide blades provide long
   tool life
• Sizes 5-25mm (.197-.984”) available
   from stock

  Fast and accurate SNAP Tooling is able to produce large chamfers with no secondary burr issues. Different chamfer sizes can be achieved by selecting a different blade. There is no need for adjustments or operator intervention.

Our standard chamfering system takes the guess work out of producing front and back chamfers. The insert geometry is ground to the exact chamfer sizes and capable of running 2-3x faster than competitive tooling. Additionally, the coated carbide blades give longer tool life and faster operation speeds. This durability and blade life make SNAP the ideal choice for high volume manufacturers.

 Bore  Max. Chamfering Capacity 1  Tool Type Series
 Ø 2.0 – Ø 2.9 mm  0.2 - 0.3  SNAP2
 Ø 3.0 – Ø 3.9 mm  0.3 - 0.5  SNAP3
 Ø 4.0 – Ø 5.0 mm  0.6 - 0.75  SNAP4
 Ø 5.0 – Ø 8.0 mm  1.0  SNAP5
 Ø 8.0 – Ø 12.0 mm  0.75  SNAP8
 Ø 12.0 – Ø 20.0 mm  1.0  SNAP12
 Ø 20.0 – Ø 35.0 mm  1.5  SNAP20
 from Ø 12.6 mm  1.5  SNAP5 Cassette
 from Ø 25.0 mm  1.5  SNAP20 Cassette
 from Ø 35.0 mm  1.5  SNAP20 Cassette
 Thread M2.5 Ø2.05 mm  0.35  SNAP2/M2.5
 Thread M3 Ø2.5 mm  0.45  SNAP2/M3
 Thread M4 Ø3.3 mm  0.6  SNAP3/M4
 Thread M5 Ø4.2 mm  0.7  SNAP4/M5
 Thread M6 Ø5.0 mm  0.75  SNAP5/M6
 Thread M8 Ø6.8 mm  0.85  SNAP5/M8
 Thread M10 Ø8.5 mm  1.0  SNAP5/M10
 Thread M12 Ø10.2 mm  1.15  SNAP5/M12
 Thread M14 Ø12.0 mm  1.25  SNAP5/M14
1) The chamfering result varies due to tool dimension, material and cutting data.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.