Interchangeable Blade
Countersink Tool For Large
Chatter-free Countersinks

• Replaceable blades simplify use
• Regrindable blades provide increased
   cost savings
• Chamfer milling capabilities
• Creates countersinks from 3mm-45mm
   (1/8”-1 3/4”)

  The Heule GH-K tool is a precision inserted countersink tool with one or three effective cutting edges and large countersink range. Positive geometry allows for high shear cutting action. Carbide blades are best suited for cast iron, aluminum and other non-ferrous materials and HSS-Cobalt coated blades are used for stainless and steel applications.

 Series  Countersink Angle  Number of blades  Min. bore Ø  Max. countersink Ø
 GH-K 25  90°  3   Ø3.0  Ø25.0
   90°  1   Ø3.0  Ø25.0
   60°  3   Ø3.0  Ø25.0
 GH-K 45  90°  3   Ø4.0  Ø45.0
   90°  1   Ø4.0  Ø45.0
   60°  3   Ø9.0  Ø45.0

   1  Tool body

 2  Torx screw

 3  Blade

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