Automatic Front &
Back Counterbore
and Spotfacing Tool

• No Anti-rotation device or stop block
   are required
• Suitable for all CNC, transfer, dial
   and multi-spindle machines
• Easy handling, Quick change blade
   system, Modular Set-up
• Excellent ratio of price and performance

  The Heule SOLO is a High Production Automated Back Spotfacing Tool. The switch in tooling significantly reduced cycle time. Machining time on valve bottoms, which included boring the hole to size, drilling and back spotfacing, dropped from 39 minutes to 15. While this is running at the low end of the recommended speed and feed range, it was a vast improvement in productivity.

Custom back spotfacing tools that can produce front and back spotfaces and counterbores allow for reduced cycle times and extended tool life. Capable of cutting nickel based alloys.

 Complete system  GH-B-O-0084  GH-B-O-0085
 Center ring  black  green
 Blade position at standstill  retracted  extended
 Activation speed  1900 rev./min.  Spindle stop
 Retracting speed  Spindle stop  1900 rev./min.
 Machining speed  1900 - 3000 rev./min.  0 - 1500 rev./min.

 1  Solid carbide blade or
    Blade holder with inserts
 2  Blade control
 3  Blade housing
 4  Center ring
 5  Tool head
 6  Tool body
 7  Clamping screw

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