Automatic Front &
Back Counterboring Tool
for Large Parts

• Rigid locking of blades in cutting position
• No chip interference with blade activation
• Suitable for CNC machines
• Modular tool system

  HEULE has been manufacturing the strongest and most reliable automated back counter bore tools for over 30 years. Some tools reach over several feet and can weigh over 50 lbs.

Large Automated Back Counter Bore Solutions for the Power Generation Industry & Large Part Manufacturers including landing gear, crane and hoist components as well as hydro and other turbine manufacturers.

 Range  GH-Z/E 20  GH-Z/E 50  GH-Z/E 70
 Bore diameter: d  Ø 8 – Ø 23  Ø 23 – Ø 60  Ø 50 – Ø 80
 Counterbore diameter: D  2 x d – 1mm  2 x d – 2mm  2 x d – 2mm

   1  Anti rotation device
 2  Shank
 3  Tool head
 4  Blade housing
 5  Blade control
 6  Blade/cartridge with insert

We reserve the right to make technical changes.