Swarf Preparation

The Problem :

Big losses arise through the disposal
of oily swarf. This is why the recovery
of the oil is an important economic
factor. In addition, the dried swarf can
be further processed as a valuable
raw material.
 Our Solution :

  Central or local swarf preparation.
  Because of their design, continuous
  centrifuges can be placed directly
  underneath the discharge conveyors
  of the processing machines. This
  saves space and money.

  Fully-automatic swarf systems with
  continuous or push centrifuges in
  combination with conveyors, lifting-
  tilting devices and chip breakers
  guarantee economic swarf preparation.

Centrifuges Continuous Centrifuges Push Centrifuges
Scoro Z3 Scoro Z4 Scoro Z5 Hydramax 4 Hydramax 5 Hydramax 6
 Drive power kW 2.2 3 4 3 4 7.5
 Drum diameter mm 300 400 500 400 500 600
 Throughput kg/h 180 350 750 1200 2000 3500
  Throughput is dependant upon swarf form and material

Swarf conveyor Chip breaker
KF 380 V200 V400 V600 V800
 Drive power kW 0.37 3 4 5.5 7.5
 Throughput kg/h as for centrifuges 200 600 1200 2000
 Conveying speed Infinitely variable
  With and without coarse part ejection

We reserve the right to make technical changes.