Industrial Centrifuges

The Problem :

Fully automatic solutions are too
expensive for small amounts of
long tufted swarf of various kind.

Our batch centrifuges offer an
 Our Solution :

  Our batch centrifuges are outstandingly
  suitable for drying long and short swarf of
  any kind (metal, plastic, in tufts or short)
  and in addition also for drying individual
  components and bulk material.

  They are available with attached slewing
  crane, chain hoist, heating, speed regulator
  cleaning unit and tanks.

Manual Centrifuges MZ300 MZ400 MZ500 MZ600 MZ700
 Drum diameter, mm 300 400 500 600 700
 Height, mm 250 300 350 350 380
 Charging weight, kg 35 50 100 150 150
 Drum volume, ltr 15 30 65 100 145
 Drum speed, rpm 1500 1000 1000 750 750
 Batches / h 10-12 10 10 10 10
  with a steel insert drum, suitable for all types of swarf

MZ 500/600 L: with light insert drum (trouble-free handling
                          without a crane) for long and light swarf
                          (aluminium, titanium, plastic)
MZ 500/600 K: barrel insert for perforated, rectangular cases for
                           deoiling bulk goods (screws,bolts)

All models are available with attached slewing crane, with chain hoist and with heating.
Please contact us for customized solutions.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.