Skimmy Oil Separator

The Problem :

Watery emulsions are destroyed
when a film of external oils appears
on the surface.

Bacteria form in the emulsion, in a
short time it must be replaced.
Our Solution :

Skimmy oil separators, mobile or stationary.

  Continuous cleaning in bypass
  Floats permit the cleaning of the whole
      surface (not just particular points)
  No machine down times
  Safe operation through level monitoring
  Simple operation
  Longer use cycles for your cooling
      lubricants, tools and wash liquids
  Cleaner and healthy work environment

Oil separation made easy !!!
Skimmy Oil Separator
 Throughput ltr./h 600 - 800
 Length x width x height mm 850 x 500 x 1200
 Material PE, PP, Stainless steel
 Please contact us for customized solutions.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.