The new image processing technology »pilot 1.0« offers all functions for presetting and measuring standard tools quickly and easily. For instance Automatic cutter shape and measuring range detection, navigation system

»compass«, projector function and cutting edge inspection, »cris360°« to determine the effective cutting area of tools, and a clear representation of the tool cutting edge on a 13.3“ panel PC.

Easy to Operate, fast Processing

Less Machine Down-time

Increased Productivity

Reduced Rejects

The Start to Professional Presetting and Measurement of Tools

»smile / pilot 1.0« is robust, and can be used on the shop floor next to CNC machines, in processing and test centers, or in measurement rooms.

With »pilot 1.0«, Preset and Measure Tools
Efficiently Without Great Training Expenses


Take advantage of easy operation, real time presentation of the measurement results in the camera field of vision, and of a workshop-compatible device version.

All standard measuring functions are available, including longitudinal and cross dimensions, radius, two-angle technology, and concentricity and run-out.

Tool presetting and measuring device »smile 400« with image processing technology »pilot 1.0«


Automatic Cutter Shape and
Measuring Range Detection

Clear graphical and numerical
representation of results within seconds.

Over 90 different cutter shapes.


Projector Function and
Cutting Edge Inspection

For wear inspection and measurement
of cutting edge chipping.


Navigation System »compass«

For an easy and comfortable safe
positioning of the camera's target
values on the tool.


Software Function »cris360°«
to determine and measure the
maximum contour of the tool

For the real representation of the
effective contour, particularly for
multi-insert tools.


Label Printing Function

For all important information
and effective data of the tool.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.