Tool Table

 Tool dimensions

 Tool without Blade
 Part number
 Work. length NL 10 mm
 Part number
 Work. length NL 20 mm
 Part number
 Work. length NL 30 mm
 Ø2.05  M2.5  2.8  2.0  3.0  SNAP2/M2.5/10  SNAP2/M2.5/20  -
 Ø2.5  M3  3.4  2.45  3.6  SNAP2/M3/10  SNAP2/M3/20  -
 Ø3.3  M4  4.5  3.2  4.8  SNAP3/M4/10  SNAP3/M4/20  SNAP3/M4/30
 Ø4.2  M5  5.6  4.1  6.0  SNAP4/M5/10  SNAP4/M5/20  SNAP4/M5/30

 1) The achievable chamfer capacity varies slightly depending on material, blade force, cutting data or application.  The indicated
  dimension is the theoretically possible maximum.

 2)  Please mind any interfering edges.

- The tool types SNAP2, SNAP3 and SNAP4 are available with cylindrical shank only.
- Attention: The tools are without blade. The blades for the tool need to be ordered seperately .

  Spare Parts
 Pos.   Description  Part No.
 NL 10 mm  NL 20 mm  NL 30 mm
1   Blade  see below  see below  see below
2   Blade housing SNAP2/M2.5/..  GH-Q-N-0015  GH-Q-N-0075
  Blade housing SNAP2/M3/..  GH-Q-N-0016  GH-Q-N-0076
  Blade housing SNAP3/M4/..  GH-Q-N-0035  GH-Q-N-0095  GH-Q-N-0155
  Blade housing SNAP4/M5/..  GH-Q-N-0055  GH-Q-N-0115  GH-Q-N-0175
3   Control bolt SNAP2/M2.5/..  GH-Q-E-0254  GH-Q-E-0256
  Control bolt SNAP2/M3/..  GH-Q-E-0236  GH-Q-E-0237
  Control bolt SNAP3/M4/..  GH-Q-E-0236  GH-Q-E-0237  GH-Q-E-0238
  Control bolt SNAP4/M5/..  GH-Q-E-0236  GH-Q-E-0237  GH-Q-E-0238
4   Tool body  GH-Q-G-5024  GH-Q-G-5024  GH-Q-G-5024
  Tool body  GH-Q-G-5025  GH-Q-G-5025  GH-Q-G-5025
  incl. Excenter GH-S-E-0031
  incl. Roll pin GH-C-E-0811
5   Locking screw M3x3.3  GH-H-S-1075  GH-H-S-1075  GH-H-S-1075
6   Roll pin SNAP2-4  GH-C-E-0811  GH-C-E-0811  GH-C-E-0811
7   Excenter SNAP2-4  GH-S-E-0031  GH-S-E-0031  GH-S-E-0031
8   Spring Ø3.2xØ0.45x23.0  GH-H-F-0047  GH-H-F-0047  GH-H-F-0047
9   Set screw M4x5 DIN913  GH-H-S-0134  GH-H-S-0134  GH-H-S-0134
  Wrench SW1.5 to Pos. 9  GH-H-S-2101  GH-H-S-2101  GH-H-S-2101

  Pos.1 Blade GS Geometry 90°
  Part number Blade
  forward and backward cutting   backward cutting only
Chamfer-Ø1   Coating A   Coating D   Coating A   Coating D
 Ø2.8   GH-Q-M-41501   GH-Q-M-41502   GH-Q-M-41601   GH-Q-M-41602
 Ø3.4   GH-Q-M-41511   GH-Q-M-41512   GH-Q-M-41611   GH-Q-M-41612
 Ø4.5   GH-Q-M-41521   GH-Q-M-41522   GH-Q-M-41621   GH-Q-M-41622
 Ø5.6   GH-Q-M-41531   GH-Q-M-41532   GH-Q-M-41631   GH-Q-M-41632
  Coating A: Coating for increased requirements   Coating D: Coating for aluminium alloys only
  - available upon customer request only
 1) The indicated dimension is the theoretically possible maximum.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.