The SNAP Cassette is used for large bore-Ø (larger than Ø35.0 mm). With this cassette the SNAP deburring system is integrated in combi tools and standard tools. The holder can be ordered from us or the customer can use their own, utilizing the information below.
  Tool Table

 Tool dimensions
 Cassette complete
 without Blade
 Type  from Bore-Ø  Dimensions  Part number
 SNAP5/12.6 Cassette  > Ø12.6 mm  see illustration above  GH-Q-O-1430
 SNAP20/25 Cassette  > Ø25 mm - Ø35 mm  see illustration above  GH-Q-O-1130
 SNAP20/35 Cassette  > Ø35 mm  see illustration above  GH-Q-O-1030

  Spare Parts
 Pos.   Description   SNAP5/12.6   SNAP20/25  SNAP20/35
1   SNAP Blade  see below  see below  see below
2   Control bolt  GH-Q-E-0008  GH-Q-E-0003  GH-Q-E-0003
3   Spring  GH-H-F-0027  GH-H-F-0012  GH-H-F-0012
4   Cassette tool body  GH-Q-G-1382  GH-Q-G-1123  GH-Q-G-1034
5   Distance pin  GH-Q-E-0046  -  -
6   Set screw  GH-H-S-0127  GH-H-S-0120  GH-H-S-0120
7   Set screw  GH-H-S-0355  GH-H-S-0202  GH-H-S-0502
  Wrench to Pos. 7  GH-H-S-2101  GH-H-S-2100  GH-H-S-2100

  Pos. 1 Cassette Blades with DF Geometry 90°
  Part number SNAP5 Carbide Blade
  forward and backward cutting   backward cutting only
Chamf.1 Bore-Ø   Coating A   Coating D   Coating A   Coating D
 0.5 20 - 85   GH-Q-M-30780*   GH-Q-M-30980   GH-Q-M-31780   GH-Q-M-31980
 1.0 20 - 85   GH-Q-M-30781*   GH-Q-M-30981   GH-Q-M-31781   GH-Q-M-31981
 1.5 20 - 85   GH-Q-M-30782*   GH-Q-M-30982   GH-Q-M-31782   GH-Q-M-31982
 0.5 90 - 150   GH-Q-M-30783*   GH-Q-M-30983   GH-Q-M-31783   GH-Q-M-31983
 1.0 90 - 150   GH-Q-M-30784*   GH-Q-M-30984   GH-Q-M-31784   GH-Q-M-31984
 1.5 90 - 150   GH-Q-M-30785*   GH-Q-M-30985   GH-Q-M-31785   GH-Q-M-31985
  Part number SNAP20 Carbide Blade
  forward and backward cutting   backward cutting only
Chamf.1   Coating A   Coating T   Coating A   Coating T
 0.5   GH-Q-M-01902*   GH-Q-M-01901   GH-Q-M-01922   GH-Q-M-01921
 1.0   GH-Q-M-01905*   GH-Q-M-01904   GH-Q-M-01925   GH-Q-M-01924
 1.5   GH-Q-M-01908*   GH-Q-M-01907   GH-Q-M-01928   GH-Q-M-01927
  Coating T: Coating for normal requirements
  Coating A: Coating for increased requirements
  Coating D: Coating for aluminium alloys only

 *) Standard items / Please enquire about stock or delivery times for all non-standard items.
 1) The indicated dimension is the theoretically possible chamfer capacity / depth maximum.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.