New Generation Deburring
Tool for Elliptical or
Contoured Surfaces

• Designed for added durability
• Suitable for threaded bores and
   larger edge breaks
• Shorter working length for a more
   stable tool
• Newly-designed blade holder for better
   guidance and longer spring life

  C-Series tooling functions the same as our standard proven COFA products. The COFA-C allows larger break edge sizes, with different choices & sizes of carbide coated blades. The cutting blade is held in a separate steel blade holder shich allows less wear to the spring and quicker exchangeability of each insert. C-Series adds more capability by allowing pre-chamfering of threaded holes on uneven surfaces.

Available for hole sizes 6mm (.236“) and up. The C-Series product also offers a complete range of cassettes for each series.

 Bore    Max. Deburring Capacity 1  Tool Series
 Ø 6.0 – Ø 8.0 mm    0.70 mm  COFA C6
 Ø 8.0 – Ø 12.0 mm    0.90 mm  COFA C8
 Ø 12.0 – Ø 22.0 mm    1.40 mm  COFA C12
 ab Ø 10 mm,Ø 14 mm,Ø 20 mm    0.70 mm,0.90 mm,1.40 mm  COFA C6,C8,C12
1) The deburring result differs due to material, cutting data and application. The value listed is the maximum that is theoretically achievable. The spring has to be selected accordingly.

   1  Split pin
 2  Blade holder
 3  Blade
 4  Spring
 5  Screw
 6  Retainer block
 7  Tool body
 8  Assembly pin

We reserve the right to make technical changes.