The mechanical deburring
tool for cross bores with
a diameter ratio of 1:1

• For extreme uneven surfaces
• Eliminates manual deburring
• Different size bores on center axis
• Bore diameters Ø4.0 mm and larger
• Undercut body allows offset entry to bore
   so as not to damage the cutting blade
• Separate tool bodies available for front
   cutting only and back cutting only
• Customized to each application

COFA-X is the first and only tooling system that consistently and reliably removes burrs from interior uneven bore edges in applications with large intersections.  COFA-X possesses a pre-loaded blade and the tip of the tool body shows a recess. This recess is necessary in order to enter the bore with an offset so that the blade does not suffer.

The tool itself is characterized by its simple setup. The exchangeable spring is held safely in the tool body by two split pins. It controls the movement of the blade and resets it to the inital position after machining.

The multiple use of blade and spring within a series is given. Only the tool body has to be selected according to the bore diameter.

The COFA-X application range starts with bore diameters of Ø4.0 mm and larger. In all cases, COFA-X tools are designed individually according to the customers' needs through a complete application description. With the right tool in place, the machining process using COFA-X does not allow any secondary burrs at all.

Each specific tool machines one diameter only. The machine requirements also play an important role for the reliable NC operation. The tool has to be entered into the bore with an offset.

The blades possess special geometries. They are designed either for front or back cutting only. In addition, the blades are pre-loaded by the spring. Accordingly, the blade position is different.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.