Deburring tool for main bores

• Customized tool that deburrs cross bores
   that leave sharp edges
• Allows several cross bores to be machined
   right at the burr base
• Effective on shafts and drive train
   components with intersecting cross holes
• Penetrates the main bore and deburrs
   the entering cross holes in one single pass
• Suitable for any bore diameter
• Designed for high-volume manufacturing
   to automate processes currently done
• Simple blade changes reduce downtime

With SNAP-X HEULE advances into uncharted technical territory that has been out of reach so far. This special tool penetrates by the main bore and deburrs the entering cross bores.  The mainbore solution is based on the proven SNAP system. SNAP-X has been conceived for NC operation and for large production runs. The exchange of the blades is extremely simple and can be carried out by hand in no time.

The blade can be exchanged by hand within no time and without any tools. The tool is characterised by its simple design. It consists of very few components with one screw only. The blade is kept movable in the tool body via a control bolt held unter spring pressure. The blade has a special ramp-shaped recess where the control bolt engages in. While machining, the bolt glides up the ramp and increases the pressure on the blade. This brings the blade back to the starting position when exiting the bore again.

The radially supported and spring-loaded SNAP-X blade penetrates the cross bore in work feed and deburrs it, no matter what the diameter of the cross bore is. The especially ground blade fulfills its work while moving forward as well as backward where the direction of the spindle rotation is reversed.

When leaving the cross bore, the guiding edge of the SNAP-X blade moves it back into the tool body in a controlled manner. A especially designed gliding section prevents the main bore from being hurt.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.