DEFA Series 02-06 Ød1 = Ødmin –.2mm (.008”)
   Tool Holder without blades TiAlN Blade Set
Min. Hole
Max Chamfer
Order Number Order Number Order Number
Front/Back Back only
mm inches mm inches mm inches LN = 30mm LN = 30mm GH-S-M
4.0 .157 4.8 .189 5.4 .213 DEFA02-30-150-☐/__ DEFA02-60-150-☐/__ -3X02 -4X02
4.1 .161 DEFA02-30-153-☐/__ DEFA02-60-153-☐/__
4.2 .165 DEFA02-30-157-☐/__ DEFA02-60-157-☐/__
4.3 .169 5.2 .205 5.8 .229 DEFA03-30-161-☐/__ DEFA03-60-161-☐/__ -3X03 -4X03
4.4 .173 DEFA03-30-165-☐/__ DEFA03-60-165-☐/__
4.5 .177 DEFA03-30-169-☐/__ DEFA03-60-169-☐/__
4.6 .181 5.8 .228 6.4 .252 DEFA04-30-173-☐/__ DEFA04-60-173-☐/__ -3X04 -4X04
4.7 .185 DEFA04-30-177-☐/__ DEFA04-60-177-☐/__
4.8 .189 DEFA04-30-181-☐/__ DEFA04-60-181-☐/__
4.9 .193 DEFA04-30-185-☐/__ DEFA04-60-185-☐/__
5.0 .197 6.4 .252 7.0 .276 DEFA05-30-189-☐/__ DEFA05-60-189-☐/__ -3X05 -4X05
5.1 .201 DEFA05-30-193-☐/__ DEFA05-60-193-☐/__
5.2 .205 DEFA05-30-197-☐/__ DEFA05-60-197-☐/__
5.3 .209 DEFA05-30-201-☐/__ DEFA05-60-201-☐/__
5.4 .213 DEFA05-30-205-☐/__ DEFA05-60-205-☐/__
5.5 .216 6.8 .268 7.4 .292 DEFA06-30-209-☐/__ DEFA06-60-209-☐/__ -3X06 -4X06
5.6 .220 DEFA06-30-213-☐/__ DEFA06-60-213-☐/__
5.7 .224 DEFA06-30-216-☐/__ DEFA06-60-216-☐/__
5.8 .228 DEFA06-30-220-☐/__ DEFA06-60-220-☐/__
5.9 .232 DEFA06-30-224-☐/__ DEFA06-60-224-☐/__
To order the tool with a pre-set chamfer size, we recommend adding
a calculated over-the-blade diameter (ØD2 = ØD + .024”) as a suffix
to the order number, otherwise a calculated default dimension is used
(ØD2 = .052” + Ød1).
The first tool in each series are STANDARD TOOLS which should be
used when you have a stable set-up and are cutting any material under 28 Rc.

Spare Parts – DEFA Series 02-06
   Order Number Description
1  GH-H-S-0101  Tension Screw
2  GH-H-S-0322  Set Screw
3  GH-S-E-0001  Eccentric Cam
4  GH-H-S-0201  Clamping Screw
5  GH-S-X-0001  Positioning Screw
6  GH-S-S-0155**  3/8” Straight Shank
 GH-S-S-0090**  End Plug
7  GH-S-G-0001  Tool Body
8  GH-S-C-0001  Gear Wheel
9  GH-S-T-0001  Torsion Spring
10  GH-S-W-0002  Blade Control-Length=15mm
 GH-S-W-0003  Blade Control-Length=30mm
 GH-S-W-0027*  Blade Control-Length=60mm
11  Blade Housing  See housing chart below
12  Blade Set  
* Non-stock standard item with extended delivery time.
** Tool bodies are sold with either a straight shank or end plug, please read the ordering instructions to indicate your preference.  Other options are available and sold separately.  Please contact engineering for details.

Blade Housing Chart* – DEFA Series 02-06
Tool Holder Blade Housing Tool Holder Blade Housing Tool Holder Blade Housing
Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number
DEFA02-15-150 GH-S-N-1000 DEFA02-30-150 GH-S-N-1001 DEFA02-60-150 GH-S-N-1002
DEFA02-15-153 GH-S-N-1003 DEFA02-30-153 GH-S-N-1004 DEFA02-60-153 GH-S-N-1005
DEFA02-15-157 GH-S-N-1006 DEFA02-30-157 GH-S-N-1007 DEFA02-60-157 GH-S-N-1008
DEFA03-15-161 GH-S-N-1009 DEFA03-30-161 GH-S-N-1010 DEFA03-60-161 GH-S-N-1011
DEFA03-15-165 GH-S-N-1012 DEFA03-30-165 GH-S-N-1013 DEFA03-60-165 GH-S-N-1014
DEFA03-15-169 GH-S-N-1015 DEFA03-30-169 GH-S-N-1016 DEFA03-60-169 GH-S-N-1017
DEFA04-15-173 GH-S-N-1018 DEFA04-30-173 GH-S-N-1019 DEFA04-60-173 GH-S-N-1020
DEFA04-15-177 GH-S-N-1021 DEFA04-30-177 GH-S-N-1022 DEFA04-60-177 GH-S-N-1023
DEFA04-15-181 GH-S-N-1024 DEFA04-30-181 GH-S-N-1025 DEFA04-60-181 GH-S-N-1026
DEFA04-15-185 GH-S-N-1027 DEFA04-30-185 GH-S-N-1028 DEFA04-60-185 GH-S-N-1029
DEFA05-15-189 GH-S-N-1030 DEFA05-30-189 GH-S-N-1031 DEFA05-60-189 GH-S-N-1032
DEFA05-15-193 GH-S-N-1033 DEFA05-30-193 GH-S-N-1034 DEFA05-60-193 GH-S-N-1035
DEFA05-15-197 GH-S-N-1036 DEFA05-30-197 GH-S-N-1037 DEFA05-60-197 GH-S-N-1038
DEFA05-15-201 GH-S-N-1039 DEFA05-30-201 GH-S-N-1040 DEFA05-60-201 GH-S-N-1041
DEFA05-15-205 GH-S-N-1042 DEFA05-30-205 GH-S-N-1043 DEFA05-60-205 GH-S-N-1044
DEFA06-15-209 GH-S-N-1045 DEFA06-30-209 GH-S-N-1046 DEFA06-60-209 GH-S-N-1047
DEFA06-15-213 GH-S-N-1048 DEFA06-30-213 GH-S-N-1049 DEFA06-60-213 GH-S-N-1050
DEFA06-15-216 GH-S-N-1051 DEFA06-30-216 GH-S-N-1052 DEFA06-60-216 GH-S-N-1053
DEFA06-15-220 GH-S-N-1054 DEFA06-30-220 GH-S-N-1055 DEFA06-60-220 GH-S-N-1056
DEFA06-15-224 GH-S-N-1057 DEFA06-30-224 GH-S-N-1058 DEFA06-60-224 GH-S-N-1059
* Extended delivery time

We reserve the right to make technical changes.