DEFA Series 12-13 Ød1 = Ødmin –.2mm (.008”)
   Tool Holder without blades TiAlN Blade Set
Min. Hole
Max Chamfer
Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number
Front/Back Back only
mm inches mm inches mm inches LN = 30mm LN = 60mm LN = 100mm GH-S-M-
9.0 .354 12.0 .472 12.8 .504 DEFA12-30-346-☐/__ DEFA12-60-346-☐/__ DEFA12-100-346-☐/__ -3X12 -4X12
9.1 .358 DEFA12-30-350-☐/__ DEFA12-60-350-☐/__ DEFA12-100-350-☐/__
9.2 .362 DEFA12-30-354-☐/__ DEFA12-60-354-☐/__ DEFA12-100-354-☐/__
9.3 .366 DEFA12-30-358-☐/__ DEFA12-60-358-☐/__ DEFA12-100-358-☐/__
9.4 .370 DEFA12-30-362-☐/__ DEFA12-60-362-☐/__ DEFA12-100-362-☐/__
9.5 .374 DEFA12-30-366-☐/__ DEFA12-60-366-☐/__ DEFA12-100-366-☐/__
9.6 .378 DEFA12-30-370-☐/__ DEFA12-60-370-☐/__ DEFA12-100-370-☐/__
9.7 .382 13.0 .512 13.8 .544 DEFA13-30-374-☐/__ DEFA13-60-374-☐/__ DEFA13-100-374-☐/__ -3X13 -4X13
9.8 .386 DEFA13-30-378-☐/__ DEFA13-60-378-☐/__ DEFA13-100-378-☐/__
9.9 .390 DEFA13-30-382-☐/__ DEFA13-60-382-☐/__ DEFA13-100-382-☐/__
10.0 .394 DEFA13-30-386-☐/__ DEFA13-60-386-☐/__ DEFA13-100-386-☐/__
10.1 .398 DEFA13-30-390-☐/__ DEFA13-60-390-☐/__ DEFA13-100-390-☐/__
10.2 .402 DEFA13-30-394-☐/__ DEFA13-60-394-☐/__ DEFA13-100-394-☐/__
10.3 .406 DEFA13-30-398-☐/__ DEFA13-60-398-☐/__ DEFA13-100-398-☐/__
10.4 .409 DEFA13-30-402-☐/__ DEFA13-60-402-☐/__ DEFA13-100-402-☐/__
10.5 .413 DEFA13-30-406-☐/__ DEFA13-60-406-☐/__ DEFA13-100-406-☐/__
10.6 .417 DEFA13-30-409-☐/__ DEFA13-60-409-☐/__ DEFA13-100-409-☐/__
10.7 .421 DEFA13-30-413-☐/__ DEFA13-60-413-☐/__ DEFA13-100-413-☐/__
10.8 .425 DEFA13-30-417-☐/__ DEFA13-60-417-☐/__ DEFA13-100-417-☐/__
10.9 .429 DEFA13-30-421-☐/__ DEFA13-60-421-☐/__ DEFA13-100-421-☐/__
11.0 .433 DEFA13-30-425-☐/__ DEFA13-60-425-☐/__ DEFA13-100-425-☐/__
11.1 .437 DEFA13-30-429-☐/__ DEFA13-60-429-☐/__ DEFA13-100-429-☐/__
To order the tool with a pre-set chamfer size, we recommend adding
a calculated over-the-blade diameter (ØD2 = ØD + .032”) as a suffix
to the order number, otherwise a calculated default dimension is used
(ØD2 = .060” + Ød1).
The first tool in each series are STANDARD TOOLS which should be
used when you have a stable set-up and are cutting any material under 28 Rc.

Spare Parts – DEFA Series 12-13
   Order Number Description
1  GH-H-S-0102  Tension Screw
2  GH-H-S-0325  Set Screw
3  GH-S-E-0003  Eccentric Cam
4  GH-H-S-0201  Clamping Screw
5  GH-S-X-0006  Positioning Screw
6  GH-S-S-0156**  1/2” Straight Shank
 GH-S-S-0092**  End Plug
7  GH-S-G-0011  Tool Body
8  GH-S-C-0008  Gear Wheel
9  GH-S-T-0006  Torsion Spring
10  GH-S-W-0608  Blade Control-Length=30mm
 GH-S-W-0609  Blade Control-Length=60mm
 GH-S-W-0629*  Blade Control-Length=100mm
11  Blade Housing  See housing chart below
12  Blade Set  
* Non-stock standard item with extended delivery time.
** Tool bodies are sold with either a straight shank or end plug, please read the ordering instructions to indicate your preference.  Other options are available and sold separately.  Please contact engineering for details.

Blade Housing Chart* – DEFA Series 12-13
Tool Holder Blade Housing Tool Holder Blade Housing Tool Holder Blade Housing
Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number
DEFA12-30-346 GH-S-N-1216 DEFA12-60-346 GH-S-N-1217 DEFA12-100-346 GH-S-N-1218
DEFA12-30-350 GH-S-N-1219 DEFA12-60-350 GH-S-N-1220 DEFA12-100-350 GH-S-N-1221
DEFA12-30-354 GH-S-N-1222 DEFA12-60-354 GH-S-N-1223 DEFA12-100-354 GH-S-N-1224
DEFA12-30-358 GH-S-N-1225 DEFA12-60-358 GH-S-N-1226 DEFA12-100-358 GH-S-N-1227
DEFA12-30-362 GH-S-N-1228 DEFA12-60-362 GH-S-N-1229 DEFA12-100-362 GH-S-N-1230
DEFA12-30-366 GH-S-N-1231 DEFA12-60-366 GH-S-N-1232 DEFA12-100-366 GH-S-N-1233
DEFA12-30-370 GH-S-N-1234 DEFA12-60-370 GH-S-N-1235 DEFA12-100-370 GH-S-N-1236
DEFA13-30-374 GH-S-N-1237 DEFA13-60-374 GH-S-N-1238 DEFA13-100-374 GH-S-N-1239
DEFA13-30-378 GH-S-N-1240 DEFA13-60-378 GH-S-N-1241 DEFA13-100-378 GH-S-N-1242
DEFA13-30-382 GH-S-N-1243 DEFA13-60-382 GH-S-N-1244 DEFA13-100-382 GH-S-N-1245
DEFA13-30-386 GH-S-N-1246 DEFA13-60-386 GH-S-N-1247 DEFA13-100-386 GH-S-N-1248
DEFA13-30-390 GH-S-N-1249 DEFA13-60-390 GH-S-N-1250 DEFA13-100-390 GH-S-N-1251
DEFA13-30-394 GH-S-N-1252 DEFA13-60-394 GH-S-N-1253 DEFA13-100-394 GH-S-N-1254
DEFA13-30-398 GH-S-N-1255 DEFA13-60-398 GH-S-N-1256 DEFA13-100-398 GH-S-N-1257
DEFA13-30-402 GH-S-N-1258 DEFA13-60-402 GH-S-N-1259 DEFA13-100-402 GH-S-N-1260
DEFA13-30-406 GH-S-N-1261 DEFA13-60-406 GH-S-N-1262 DEFA13-100-406 GH-S-N-1263
DEFA13-30-409 GH-S-N-1264 DEFA13-60-409 GH-S-N-1265 DEFA13-100-409 GH-S-N-1266
DEFA13-30-413 GH-S-N-1267 DEFA13-60-413 GH-S-N-1268 DEFA13-100-413 GH-S-N-1269
DEFA13-30-417 GH-S-N-1270 DEFA13-60-417 GH-S-N-1271 DEFA13-100-417 GH-S-N-1272
DEFA13-30-421 GH-S-N-1273 DEFA13-60-421 GH-S-N-1274 DEFA13-100-421 GH-S-N-1275
DEFA13-30-425 GH-S-N-1276 DEFA13-60-425 GH-S-N-1277 DEFA13-100-425 GH-S-N-1278
DEFA13-30-429 GH-S-N-1279 DEFA13-60-429 GH-S-N-1280 DEFA13-100-429 GH-S-N-1281
* Extended delivery time

We reserve the right to make technical changes.