DEFA Series 14-15 Ød1 = Ødmin –.2mm (.008”)
   Tool Holder without blades TiAlN Blade Set
Min. Hole
Max Chamfer
Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number
Front/Back Back only
mm inches mm inches mm inches LN = 30mm LN = 60mm LN = 100mm GH-S-M-
11.2 .441 14.6 .575 15.6 .615 DEFA14-30-433-☐/__ DEFA14-60-433-☐/__ DEFA14-100-433-☐/__ -3X14 -4X14
11.3 .445 DEFA14-30-437-☐/__ DEFA14-60-437-☐/__ DEFA14-100-437-☐/__
11.4 .449 DEFA14-30-441-☐/__ DEFA14-60-441-☐/__ DEFA14-100-441-☐/__
11.5 .453 DEFA14-30-445-☐/__ DEFA14-60-445-☐/__ DEFA14-100-445-☐/__
11.6 .457 DEFA14-30-449-☐/__ DEFA14-60-449-☐/__ DEFA14-100-449-☐/__
11.7 .461 DEFA14-30-453-☐/__ DEFA14-60-453-☐/__ DEFA14-100-453-☐/__
11.8 .465 DEFA14-30-457-☐/__ DEFA14-60-457-☐/__ DEFA14-100-457-☐/__
11.9 .469 DEFA14-30-461-☐/__ DEFA14-60-461-☐/__ DEFA14-100-461-☐/__
12.0 .472 DEFA14-30-465-☐/__ DEFA14-60-465-☐/__ DEFA14-100-465-☐/__
12.1 .476 DEFA14-30-469-☐/__ DEFA14-60-469-☐/__ DEFA14-100-469-☐/__
12.2 .480 16.2 .638 17.2 .678 DEFA15-30-472-☐/__ DEFA15-60-472-☐/__ DEFA15-100-472-☐/__ -3X15 -4X15
12.3 .484 DEFA15-30-476-☐/__ DEFA15-60-476-☐/__ DEFA15-100-476-☐/__
12.4 .488 DEFA15-30-480-☐/__ DEFA15-60-480-☐/__ DEFA15-100-480-☐/__
12.5 .492 DEFA15-30-484-☐/__ DEFA15-60-484-☐/__ DEFA15-100-484-☐/__
12.6 .496 DEFA15-30-488-☐/__ DEFA15-60-488-☐/__ DEFA15-100-488-☐/__
12.7 .500 DEFA15-30-492-☐/__ DEFA15-60-492-☐/__ DEFA15-100-492-☐/__
12.8 .504 DEFA15-30-496-☐/__ DEFA15-60-496-☐/__ DEFA15-100-496-☐/__
12.9 .508 DEFA15-30-500-☐/__ DEFA15-60-500-☐/__ DEFA15-100-500-☐/__
13.0 .512 DEFA15-30-504-☐/__ DEFA15-60-504-☐/__ DEFA15-100-504-☐/__
13.1 .516 DEFA15-30-508-☐/__ DEFA15-60-508-☐/__ DEFA15-100-508-☐/__
13.2 .520 DEFA15-30-512-☐/__ DEFA15-60-512-☐/__ ——
13.3 .524 DEFA15-30-516-☐/__ DEFA15-60-516-☐/__ ——
13.4 .528 DEFA15-30-520-☐/__ DEFA15-60-520-☐/__ ——
To order the tool with a pre-set chamfer size, we recommend adding
a calculated over-the-blade diameter (ØD2 = ØD + .040”) as a suffix
to the order number, otherwise a calculated default dimension is used
(ØD2 = .068” + Ød1).
The first tool in each series are STANDARD TOOLS which should be
used when you have a stable set-up and are cutting any material under 28 Rc.

Spare Parts – DEFA Series 14-15
   Order Number Description
1  GH-H-S-0102  Tension Screw
2  GH-H-S-0325  Set Screw
3  GH-S-E-0003  Eccentric Cam
4  GH-H-S-0201  Clamping Screw
5  GH-S-X-0006  Positioning Screw
6  GH-S-S-0156**  1/2” Straight Shank
 GH-S-S-0092**  End Plug
7  GH-S-G-0011  Tool Body
8  GH-S-C-0008  Gear Wheel
9  GH-S-T-0006  Torsion Spring
10  GH-S-W-0611  Blade Control-Length=30mm
 GH-S-W-0612  Blade Control-Length=60mm
 GH-S-W-0630*  Blade Control-Length=100mm
11  Blade Housing  See housing chart below
12  Blade Set  
* Non-stock standard item with extended delivery time.
** Tool bodies are sold with either a straight shank or end plug, please read the ordering instructions to indicate your preference.  Other options are available and sold separately.  Please contact engineering for details.

Blade Housing Chart* – DEFA Series 14-15
Tool Holder Blade Housing Tool Holder Blade Housing Tool Holder Blade Housing
Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number
DEFA14-30-433 GH-S-N-1327 DEFA14-60-433 GH-S-N-1328 DEFA14-100-433 GH-S-N-1329
DEFA14-30-437 GH-S-N-1330 DEFA14-60-437 GH-S-N-1331 DEFA14-100-437 GH-S-N-1332
DEFA14-30-441 GH-S-N-1333 DEFA14-60-441 GH-S-N-1334 DEFA14-100-441 GH-S-N-1335
DEFA14-30-445 GH-S-N-1336 DEFA14-60-445 GH-S-N-1337 DEFA14-100-445 GH-S-N-1338
DEFA14-30-449 GH-S-N-1339 DEFA14-60-449 GH-S-N-1340 DEFA14-100-449 GH-S-N-1341
DEFA14-30-453 GH-S-N-1342 DEFA14-60-453 GH-S-N-1343 DEFA14-100-453 GH-S-N-1344
DEFA14-30-457 GH-S-N-1345 DEFA14-60-457 GH-S-N-1346 DEFA14-100-457 GH-S-N-1347
DEFA14-30-461 GH-S-N-1348 DEFA14-60-461 GH-S-N-1349 DEFA14-100-461 GH-S-N-1350
DEFA14-30-465 GH-S-N-1351 DEFA14-60-465 GH-S-N-1352 DEFA14-100-465 GH-S-N-1353
DEFA14-30-469 GH-S-N-1354 DEFA14-60-469 GH-S-N-1355 DEFA14-100-469 GH-S-N-1356
DEFA15-30-472 GH-S-N-1357 DEFA15-60-472 GH-S-N-1358 DEFA15-100-472 GH-S-N-1359
DEFA15-30-476 GH-S-N-1360 DEFA15-60-476 GH-S-N-1361 DEFA15-100-476 GH-S-N-1362
DEFA15-30-480 GH-S-N-1363 DEFA15-60-480 GH-S-N-1364 DEFA15-100-480 GH-S-N-1365
DEFA15-30-484 GH-S-N-1366 DEFA15-60-484 GH-S-N-1367 DEFA15-100-484 GH-S-N-1368
DEFA15-30-488 GH-S-N-1369 DEFA15-60-488 GH-S-N-1370 DEFA15-100-488 GH-S-N-1371
DEFA15-30-492 GH-S-N-1372 DEFA15-60-492 GH-S-N-1373 DEFA15-100-492 GH-S-N-1374
DEFA15-30-496 GH-S-N-1375 DEFA15-60-496 GH-S-N-1376 DEFA15-100-496 GH-S-N-1377
DEFA15-30-500 GH-S-N-1378 DEFA15-60-500 GH-S-N-1379 DEFA15-100-500 GH-S-N-1380
DEFA15-30-504 GH-S-N-1381 DEFA15-60-504 GH-S-N-1382 DEFA15-100-504 GH-S-N-1383
DEFA15-30-508 GH-S-N-1384 DEFA15-60-508 GH-S-N-1385 DEFA15-100-508 GH-S-N-1386
DEFA15-30-512 GH-S-N-1387 DEFA15-60-512 GH-S-N-1388 —— ——
DEFA15-30-516 GH-S-N-1390 DEFA15-60-516 GH-S-N-1391 —— ——
DEFA15-30-520 GH-S-N-1393 DEFA15-60-520 GH-S-N-1394 —— ——
* Extended delivery time

We reserve the right to make technical changes.