DEFA Series 18-19 Ød1 = Ødmin –.2mm (.008”)
   Tool Holder without blades TiAlN Blade Set
Min. Hole
Max Chamfer
Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number
Front/Back Back only
mm inches mm inches mm inches LN = 30mm LN = 60mm LN = 100mm GH-S-M-
16.8 .661 21.8 .858 23.8 .938 DEFA18-30-654-☐/__ DEFA18-60-654-☐/__ DEFA18-100-654-☐/_ -3X18 -4X18
17.0 .669 DEFA18-30-661-☐/__ DEFA18-60-661-☐/__ DEFA18-100-661-☐/_
17.2 .677 DEFA18-30-669-☐/__ DEFA18-60-669-☐/__ DEFA18-100-669-☐/_
17.4 .685 DEFA18-30-677-☐/__ DEFA18-60-677-☐/__ DEFA18-100-677-☐/_
17.6 .693 DEFA18-30-685-☐/__ DEFA18-60-685-☐/__ DEFA18-100-685-☐/_
17.8 .701 DEFA18-30-693-☐/__ DEFA18-60-693-☐/__ DEFA18-100-693-☐/_
18.0 .709 DEFA18-30-701-☐/__ DEFA18-60-701-☐/__ DEFA18-100-701-☐/_
18.2 .717 DEFA18-30-709-☐/__ DEFA18-60-709-☐/__ DEFA18-100-709-☐/_
18.4 .724 DEFA18-30-717-☐/__ DEFA18-60-717-☐/__ DEFA18-100-717-☐/_
18.6 .732 DEFA18-30-724-☐/__ DEFA18-60-724-☐/__ DEFA18-100-724-☐/_
18.8 .740 24.2 .953 26.2 1.033 DEFA19-30-732-☐/__ DEFA19-60-732-☐/__ DEFA19-100-732-☐/_ -3X19 -4X19
19.0 .748 DEFA19-30-740-☐/__ DEFA19-60-740-☐/__ DEFA19-100-740-☐/_
19.2 .756 DEFA19-30-748-☐/__ DEFA19-60-748-☐/__ DEFA19-100-748-☐/_
19.4 .764 DEFA19-30-756-☐/__ DEFA19-60-756-☐/__ DEFA19-100-756-☐/_
19.6 .772 DEFA19-30-764-☐/__ DEFA19-60-764-☐/__ DEFA19-100-764-☐/_
19.8 .780 DEFA19-30-772-☐/__ DEFA19-60-772-☐/__ DEFA19-100-772-☐/_
20.0 .787 DEFA19-30-780-☐/__ DEFA19-60-780-☐/__ DEFA19-100-780-☐/_
20.2 .795 DEFA19-30-787-☐/__ DEFA19-60-787-☐/__ DEFA19-100-787-☐/_
20.4 .803 DEFA19-30-795-☐/__ DEFA19-60-795-☐/__ DEFA19-100-795-☐/_
To order the tool with a pre-set chamfer size, we recommend adding
a calculated over-the-blade diameter (ØD2 = ØD + .080”) as a suffix
to the order number, otherwise a calculated default dimension is used
(ØD2 = .108” + Ød1).
The first tool in each series are STANDARD TOOLS which should be
used when you have a stable set-up and are cutting any material under 28 Rc.

Spare Parts – DEFA Series 18-19
   Order Number Description
1  GH-H-S-0102  Tension Screw
2  GH-H-S-03251  Set Screw
3  GH-S-E-0003  Eccentric Cam
4  GH-H-S-0201  Clamping Screw
5  GH-S-X-0006  Positioning Screw
6  GH-S-S-0156**  1/2” Straight Shank
 GH-S-S-0092**  End Plug
7  GH-S-G-0013  Tool Body
8  GH-S-C-0008  Gear Wheel
9  GH-S-T-0006  Torsion Spring
10  GH-S-W-0620  Blade Control-Length=30mm
 GH-S-W-0621  Blade Control-Length=60mm
 GH-S-W-0631*  Blade Control-Length=100mm
11  Blade Housing  See housing chart below
12  Blade Set  
* Non-stock standard item with extended delivery time.
** Tool bodies are sold with either a straight shank or end plug, please read the ordering instructions to indicate your preference.  Other options are available and sold separately.  Please contact engineering for details.
1Use set screw GH-H-S-0302 if ØD2 is greater than 22.5mm (.880”) for Series 18 or 25.4mm (1.00”) for Series 19.

Blade Housing Chart* – DEFA Series 18-19
Tool Holder Blade Housing Tool Holder Blade Housing Tool Holder Blade Housing
Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number Order Number
DEFA18-30-654 GH-S-N-1639 DEFA18-60-654 GH-S-N-1640 DEFA18-100-654 GH-S-N-1641
DEFA18-30-661 GH-S-N-1645 DEFA18-60-661 GH-S-N-1646 DEFA18-100-661 GH-S-N-1647
DEFA18-30-669 GH-S-N-1651 DEFA18-60-669 GH-S-N-1652 DEFA18-100-669 GH-S-N-1653
DEFA18-30-677 GH-S-N-1657 DEFA18-60-677 GH-S-N-1658 DEFA18-100-677 GH-S-N-1659
DEFA18-30-685 GH-S-N-1663 DEFA18-60-685 GH-S-N-1664 DEFA18-100-685 GH-S-N-1665
DEFA18-30-693 GH-S-N-1669 DEFA18-60-693 GH-S-N-1670 DEFA18-100-693 GH-S-N-1671
DEFA18-30-701 GH-S-N-1675 DEFA18-60-701 GH-S-N-1676 DEFA18-100-701 GH-S-N-1677
DEFA18-30-709 GH-S-N-1681 DEFA18-60-709 GH-S-N-1682 DEFA18-100-709 GH-S-N-1683
DEFA18-30-717 GH-S-N-1687 DEFA18-60-717 GH-S-N-1688 DEFA18-100-717 GH-S-N-1689
DEFA18-30-724 GH-S-N-1693 DEFA18-60-724 GH-S-N-1694 DEFA18-100-724 GH-S-N-1695
DEFA19-30-732 GH-S-N-1699 DEFA19-60-732 GH-S-N-1700 DEFA19-100-732 GH-S-N-1701
DEFA19-30-740 GH-S-N-1705 DEFA19-60-740 GH-S-N-1706 DEFA19-100-740 GH-S-N-1707
DEFA19-30-748 GH-S-N-1711 DEFA19-60-748 GH-S-N-1712 DEFA19-100-748 GH-S-N-1713
DEFA19-30-756 GH-S-N-1717 DEFA19-60-756 GH-S-N-1718 DEFA19-100-756 GH-S-N-1719
DEFA19-30-764 GH-S-N-1723 DEFA19-60-764 GH-S-N-1724 DEFA19-100-764 GH-S-N-1725
DEFA19-30-772 GH-S-N-1729 DEFA19-60-772 GH-S-N-1730 DEFA19-100-772 GH-S-N-1731
DEFA19-30-780 GH-S-N-1735 DEFA19-60-780 GH-S-N-1736 DEFA19-100-780 GH-S-N-1737
DEFA19-30-787 GH-S-N-1741 DEFA19-60-787 GH-S-N-1742 DEFA19-100-787 GH-S-N-1743
DEFA19-30-795 GH-S-N-1747 DEFA19-60-795 GH-S-N-1748 DEFA19-100-795 GH-S-N-1749
* Extended delivery time

We reserve the right to make technical changes.