HEULE GH-Z Back Counterboring Tool is the strongest built automated back counterboring tool available on the market today. Used primarily for large part production and turbine industry, Heule’s back counterbore tools can be used with any CNC Machining center, conventional and NC mill. The GH-Z back counterbore tooling is capable of producing forward and reverse spotfaces and counterbores as well as special form countersinks and other contour forms. Each tool is design and built to meet customer’s specific needs and requirements.
GH-Z = 2 effective cutters
GH-E = single cutter

Each GH-Z Reverser System is modular and is available with coolant through the center. Each unit consists of a tool head, control, housing and cutting blade or Cassette with indexable cutting inserts. There are three standard tool heads with weldon shanks. V-tapers adaptations or other precision HSK or ABS shanks are optional. The housing, control and cutting blade configuration is designed specifically for each hole and counterbore application to guarantee the strongest tool possible.

Each tool is built to the needs and requirements of the customer. Typical variables to consider: Counterbore (ØD) to hole (Ød) ratio (Max 2x hole diameter minus 1mm (0.040”)), in process hole diameter and tolerance, over all tool length, interrupted cut or weldments, material quality, machine or part rigidity, surface finish, cast surfaces or machined surface. Tooling options may include manual or automated tool changer (ARD) arm, guide & wear bushings, and front & back cutters.

Please note large ratios and difficult applications require a single blade or cartridge cutter for added stability. The tool head is modified to accommodate the single blade application (GH-E). (Max ratio = Ød x 2 - 1mm)

We reserve the right to make technical changes.