Whether you want to preset tools for turning machines or milling centers – with the ZOLLER »hyperion 300/500/700« a single measuring machine is sufficient for nearly all your different tool fixtures.  The series can be adapted to your specific needs by various measuring ranges, three sizes of turret tables and the superior ZOLLER image processing system »pilot 3.0« absolutely ideal, if not only rotating tools, but also lathe cutting tools and tools for automatic multi-spindle lathes are to be preset and measured in your company.

Available in up to seven selectable measuring
   ranges in Z and X

Three different turret table sizes available
A variety of tool holding fixtures can be mounted
   on a turret table allowing quick and easy access

Without turret table it is equipped with a universal
   basic holding fixture which allows manual or

   power-operated clamping of virtually all different

   tool holding fixtures

2, 3 or 4 large tool holding fixtures can be fitted
   to increase speed and operator-friendliness

By swiveling the turret table, the user always has
   the correct tool holding fixture in the measuring


ZOLLER image processing software »pilot 3.0«

Heidenhain glass scales for high measuring accuracy
CCD camera with telecentric lens
Dynamic cross hairs over entire measuring window
Analog focusing display for focusing the tool cutting edge
Automatic cutting edge recognition, also greater than 90°
Cutting edge inspection with 30-fold magnification
Manual projector function / Adapter and tool management
Zero point monitoring for process reliability
Numerous measuring programs, for example, concentricity and run-out
Machine table

Technical Data Measuring range Z Measuring range X Swivel range ∅
 »hyperion 300« 350 mm / 13.7" 300 mm / 11.8" 300 mm / 11.8"
 »hyperion 500/400« 500 mm / 19.7" 400 mm / 15.7" 480 mm / 18.9"
 »hyperion 500/500« 500 mm / 19.7" 500 mm / 19.7" 480 mm / 18.9"
 »hyperion 700« 700 mm / 27.5" 500 mm / 19.7" 480 mm / 18.9"
Note:  Three different turret table sizes available.  By using adapters and tool posts the quoted  
       measuring range may vary.

   State-of-the-art image processing technology

Cutting edge inspection Tool identification Optical adjustment
  Automatic zero point selection Control unit »cockpit« Center height measuring device
  Turret table loading D900

12-fold pitching

Turret table loading D745

8-fold pitching

Turret table loading D450

4-fold pitching

  Color laser printer Label printer Data transmission
  Storage trays for adapters Maintainance unit  

Option #1: Tool holding

fixture »GA«

Option #1: Adapter VDI  
  Option #2: Tool holding

fixture »GA-PP«

Option #2: VDI straight

shank adapter

  Option #3: Tool holding

fixture »HGH-U«

Option #3: Tool post steep

taper / front clamping

Option #3: Tool post HSK /

front clamping

  Option #4: Tool holding

fixture »HGH-UZ«

Option #4: Membrane keyboard Option #4: Tool post ISO
  Option #4: Tool post HSK Option #4: Clamping elements Option #4: Tool post

straight shank VDI

  Option #5: Special holding

fixture if required


We reserve the right to make technical changes.