Modern HSC machines operate at high rotational speeds and therefore require finely balanced tools. ZOLLER »toolBalancer« delivers this. The high-precision balancing system for tool holding fixtures, grinding wheels and rotors.  It's modular design means it can be individually adapted to meet your requirements and in line with future developments.

This modern balancing system guarantees longer, controlled, effective, fast and high-quality production. This measurably decreases your scrap rate, machine downtime, production costs and delivery times.

Image processing
Maximum ease of use
Consistent use of brand-name products
Robust and able to withstand shop floor conditions
Membrane keyboard for all functions of the spindle
High-precision spindle
Higher cutting power
Longer tool lives
Better component quality

 Spindle speed  300-1100 rpm  Max. tool diameter  380 mm
 Measuring accuracy  < 0.5 gmm  Max. tool diameter opt  425 mm
 Max. tool length  400 mm  Max. tool weight  300 N / 30 kg
 Max. tool length opt  700 mm  Weight  approx. 4000 N

It's so simple.

1. Insert and lock the tool into the »toolBalancer« spindle. Start the automatic measuring procedure
to determine imbalance.

2. The automatic measuring procedure delivers results for the tool in one or two planes. After the measurement, click to rotate the tool to the right position and correct the imbalance.

3. A laser marking displays the balancing
point to identify the imbalance so it can be
corrected. After the imbalance has been corrected by adding or removing mass,
another measurement can be completed.
The result and quality grade can be output
as a protocol.

Image Processing

intuitive graphical user interface
dynamic cross-hair for precision
measurement in real time without stop delay for
high-precision adapter system with automatic clamping
fault tracking

High-precision Spindle

Thanks to the spindle diverse clamping inserts can be changed and you achieve highest concentricity.

Membrane keyboard

All power operated functions of the high-precision spindle are activated via a soft keystroke. That's easy, comfortable and guarantees constant quality.

Maximum ease of use

Daily users of the ZOLLER »toolBalancer« appreciate such things as the single-hand operating device, membrane keyboard, spindle handwheel, swiveling operator controls,
180° access to the tools, control unit »cockpit« and many more.

Set of balancing screws Laser marking »toolBalancer«

for standard cover

Color laser printer
  Pull-out controllers Adjustable control unit Optimum access to

the high-precision spindle

Membrane keyboard High-precision spindle  
  Balancing adapter HSK Balancing adapter SKBT  

We reserve the right to make technical changes.