ZOLLER »genius 3« is the universal measuring machine for metal cutting tools.  From rapid testing of individual criteria to complete, fully automatic, operator-independent checks your tools are checked quickly, simply and extremely precisely.  The measurement results are documented in detail and can be transferred to the grinding machines at the push of a button.

Control- and measuring electronics in 5-axes
»A.C.E.« universal spindle with power clamping
CNC-controlled, ability to pivot and backlash-
   free indexed camera for radial and axial

   measurements between 0° and 90°

5-axis CNC control unit, positioning accuracy
   0.001 mm linear and 0.01° rotatory

Automatic hydraulic expansion for tool
Dimensionally stable and distortion-free
   construction of solid design elements

Compact structure and low space requirement
Total encasement to prevent dust and
   extraneous light

ZOLLER image processing software »pilot 3.0«

Heidenhain glass scales for high measuring accuracy
Image processing technology for automatic transmitted light measurement, vision
   field 4x4 mm, camera HR70 high resolution magnification 50X

Image processing technology for automatic incident light measurement, with automatic
   dimmable incident light, positioned in 8 segments, magnification 160X

Camera lighting »micro«, 500-fold magnification, suitable for micro tools
Sony cameras with telecentric lens
Dynamic cross hairs over entire measuring window
Analog focusing display for focusing the tool cutting edge
Automatic cutting edge recognition, also greater than 90°
Intelligent calibration and automatic search runs
Virtual joystick and membrane keyboard / Adapter and tool management
Control unit »cockpit« / Tool inspection / Zero point monitoring for process reliability
Numerous measuring programs, for example, concentricity and run-out

 Technical Data   Measuring range Z   Measuring range X   Measuring range Y   Diameter   Snap gauge ∅ 
»genius 3« 600 mm / 17.7" 175 mm / 6.9" 100 mm / 3.9"  340 mm / 13.4"  100 mm / 3.9"
Note:  The quoted measuring range may be reduced under circumstances when using adapters and tool posts.

snap gauge
Clearance angle
Land width
Rake angle/
flute depth

 0.1 - 100 mm 

 0.1 - 340 mm 

 0 - 600 mm 

∅ < 200 mm

∅ < 200 mm

∅ < 75 mm
Z < 200 mm
∅ < 230 mm
step < 35 mm

   State-of-the-art image processing technology

Camera Camera / lighting »micro« Control unit »cockpit«

swivable camera 0°


swivable camera 45°


swivable camera 90°

  Collet chuck holder/turret Wooden storage shelf Storage shelf
  Interfaces Color laser printer Label printer
  Maintainance unit Data transmission  

»ace« high-precision spindle High-precision spindle SK50/



clamping adapter

  Hydro-expansion chuck

attachment holder

Set of reduction sleeves Holding fixture D32 mm
  Membrane keyboard    

We reserve the right to make technical changes.