The new »smileCompact« is the perfect entry point into the world of ZOLLER!  Absolute precision, simple operation, fast results.  ZOLLER »smileCompact« is ideal for all standard tools and designed for the tool requirements of medium-sized and small batch sizes. Robust, space-saving, and flexibly — and can be placed directly beside the CNC machine, on the shop floor, or in production islands.

Available in up to seven selectable measuring
   ranges in Z and X

High precision spindle ISO 50 with integrated
   calibration edges, locking device 4 x 90°,

   spindle brake

Membrane keyboard for power-operated
   spindle brake and spindle lock

Lightweight metal construction with optimal
   thermal conductive capacity for use in


Heidenhain glass scales for high measuring

Electronic fine adjustment of the X and Z axis
»eQ« ergonomic one-hand control handle
CCD camera with telecentric lens
ZOLLER image processing software »pilotStarter«

Dynamic cross hairs over entire measuring window
Analog focusing display for focusing the tool cutting edge
Automatic cutting edge recognition, also greater than 90°
Integrated 360° LED incident light for cutting edge inspection
ZOLLER measuring machine control unit (Panel PC) with 13“ touch display
Adapter and tool management
Zero point monitoring for process reliability
Numerous measuring programs, for example, concentricity and run-out
Table electronics with variable monitor position and space for a label printer and key shelf

Technical Data Measuring range Z Measuring range X Diameter Snap gauge ∅
»smileCompact« 350 mm / 13.8" 160 mm / 6.2" 320 mm / 12.6" 0 mm
Note: The quoted measuring range may be reduced under circumstances when using adapters and tool posts.
      The maximum tool diameter X is reduced when selecting the Snap gauge ∅

Simple, fast, and operator-independent.
Provides all standard measurements such as
the length and cross dimension, radius, angle,
concentricity, and axial runout at the push
of a button.

The »elephant« measuring program
assistant for the easy measurement
of a wide range of parameters for
various tool types — without any
special training or prior knowledge
Software function for
determining and measuring
the maximum contour of all
the cutting edges of a tool
Projector function and cutting
edge inspection for the
qualitative assessment of
the cutting tool edge


Table with storage boards Adapter or tool trolley Standing aid
  Label printer Protective cover  

SK 50 high-precision


SK 25 - 60 steep

taper adapter

HSK 25 - 63 hollow shank

taper adapter

  Capto C 3 - 10 adapter VDI 20 - 80 adapter KM 32 - 63 adapter
  Hydro-expansion clamping



We reserve the right to make technical changes.