W 3108 W 6120 W 612 W 612 wiper  

  Adjustment instructions
for Hollfelder-Gühring milling cutters with eccentric adjustment

1. Insert replacement

  Loosen the clamping set and
     remove the insert.

  Thoroughly clean the insert seat.
     The bore for the eccentric pin must have
     assembly paste (E 5162) applied evenly
     following cleaning.
  Position the new insert in the
     insert seat.
     The groove in the insert body must
     “engage” in the eccentric pin
  Lightly tighten the clamping set
     with a Torx screwdriver.
  All inserts must initially be brought
     to the largest possible dimension.
     Then tighten to the required torque.

Tool type Torque (Ncm) Torx size Torque wrench fixed DSF
Part nr. Code
H 2080 45 Tx 5 20063 0.450
H 3108 / H 3120 / H 2006 70 Tx 6 20063 0.700
H 6120 / H 6121 / H 3006 140 Tx 8 20063 1.400
H 4006 345 Tx 15 20063 3.450
Torque wrench adjustable DS 20 - 120   20063 1.200
100 - 600   20063 6.000

2. Adjusting the inserts

  Adjust the inserts either towards each other and / or to a
     precise dimension using the adjustment key (hexagon key).
     The adjustment system allows an infinite adjustment. It is
     recommended to adjust the inserts “TO TENSION”.  This
     means that all inserts must be brought from this point adjusted
     to each other and / or to the desired dimension.
  Always make the adjustment only in one direction!
     If the required dimension is exceeded or falls short, the
     eccentric pin must be rotated by one full turn again
  A re-tightening of the clamping set is not necessary!
     The tool is now ready for application.

Different coating processes can change the friction coefficient between insert and insert
seat. Should this be the case the clamping set should be tightened to a reduced value
(approx. 80%), in order to enable the adjustment of the insert. Then the clamping set
can be tightened to the recommended torque.

Safety note:
In the event of damage the tool must be returned to the manufacturer to be checked for
technical safety reasons! The clamping sets must be checked for damage at regular intervals or replaced in the event of wear. Only original replacement parts must be used!

We reserve the right to make technical changes.