Fineboring Tools
   Tapered screw adjustment μm-accurate adjustable

Spare Parts and Handling Tools

S Clamping set
Tx Torx-screw driver ( for operating clamping and adjustment )
DS Torque wrench adjustable
DSF Torque wrench non-adjustable
Tx-bits Torx-bits
V Adjustment screw ( tapered screw )

Please note: Clamping set S contains:
1 Clamping element, 1 Sealing ring, 1 Clamping screw

Tool S Tx DS / DSF Tx-bits V
H 1730-…. …. R E 3441 Tx 5 see adjustment instruction Tx 5-bit E 3383
H 2850-…. …. R E 1112 Tx 6 see adjustment instruction Tx 6-bit E 2986

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