Fineboring Tools
   Tapered screw adjustment μm-accurate adjustable

Adjustment System

The adjustment from the front and the top

The adjustment with tapered screw is an adjustment system of utmost flexibility which offers a solution in nearly every application making use of the possibility to adjust either in front or at the top. Whereas in singlestep tools adjustment in front is preferably used, it‘s the adjustment at the top which renders many advantages for multi-step tools, even combinations of both adjustment systems can be integrated into a single tool. Both types feature μm-accurate adjustment without releasing the clamping of the inserts.


The micro-adjustment can be considered as the logical next step in the development of the tapered screw adjustment from the front. A built-in adjustment cartridge in the holder enables the user to achieve an extremely precise μm-accurate adjustment of the machining measures when using inserts of the product ranges W 2850.… and W 3570.… .
This adjustment cartridge can be integrated from bore diameter 14 mm. The advantageous relation - 1 turn of screw ≙ 0.02 mm adjustment range of machining diameter - results in an extremely precise adjustment directly in the machining center without any additional devices. Particulary in uninterrupted processes such as serial production of automotive parts, the wear of the insert can easily be compensated by use of the micro-adjustment. This type of adjustment system offers advantages also for the machining of highly precise single-item production parts as the adjustment process does not require the direct exchange of the tool.

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