Turning Tools
   Boring bars starting from 5 mm working diameter

HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING CUTTING TOOLS creates the basis for a versatile production on turning machines (lathes). This range of boring bars starting from 5 mm will satisfy all your requirements.

The various product ranges are fitted to each other in such a way as to offer a wide range of applications to the user. Depending on the individual application you can choose among boring bars with steel- or carbide shanks as well as among different insert geometries and approach angles. The boring bars with carbide shank and internal coolant supply in particular enable the use of large L/D (length-diameter) relations.
The precision ground inserts offer the highest degree of precision and cutting performance independent of the geometry of the boring bar. The positive chipbreaker geometries of the inserts are responsible for an advantageous chip forming, reduced machining force on the insert, excellent chip flow and as a result a superior process stability even under difficult machining conditions and at unstable workpieces.be slightly released only in order to change the insert. However, the clamping element itself remains securely connected to the holder.

The insert clamping and the geometry of the pocket seat is designed in a way that it protects the second cutting edge of the insert within the insert pocket and avoids the destruction or damage that might be caused by the impact of evacuated chips.

Clamping and releasing the insert is handled by means of a single clamp screw and is therefore very easy; at the same time the requirement for stock-keeping of spare-parts is reduced to a minimum.

Our mini-boring bars are also perfectly suitable for every kind of form recesses. In customer specific requirements the operational possibilities of our standard boring bars can on request beenormously increased by means of special form inserts.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.