ZOLLER »powerShrink« is the inductive shrink-clamping unit for HSS and carbide tools.  It allows you considerably to reduce the setup times in your production facility.  Within a maximum of 10 seconds your tools will be shrink-clamped, while unclamping and cooling ready for production takes only 40 seconds longer. You benefit from a highly accurate concentricity, long tool lives and reduced tooling costs.

Safe operation
Robust and able to withstand shop floor conditions
High-performance cooling unit
Versatile adaptation to your production
Integrated workbench
»toolSet system«
Easy and fast changes
Universal applicability
Protection of operator's health
Induction coil

Technical Data Inductor Stop Discs 5 pcs.,
water cooled
Rotary Plate
 »powerShrink Basic« 10kVA D3-32    
 »powerShrink Economic« 13kVA D3-32    
 »powerShrink Economic« 13kVA/NG, adjustable inductor D3-32    
 »powerShrink Economic Plus« 13kVA D3-32 inclusive  
 »powerShrink Economic Plus« 13kVA/NG, adjustable inductor D3-32 inclusive  
 »powerShrink Comfort« 13kVA D3-32 inclusive inclusive
 »powerShrink Comfort« 13kVA/NG, adjustable inductor D3-32 inclusive inclusive
 »powerShrink Profi Plus« 13kVA/NG, adjustable inductor
inclusive inclusive
 »powerShrink Nano« 13kVA D3-16    

Shrinking Unit Induction Coil High-performance Cooling Unit
  Holding Fixtures »showerCooler« Integrated Workbench
  »toolSet System« Gas Suction Device  

Centering collets for ISO,

HSK,Kennametal and Capto


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