ZOLLER »gemini« provides you with an ergonomic work place for extremely easy presetting, automatic measurement and inspection of crankshaft cutters and turn broaching tools.  Fast, easy-to-operate and with microprecision: ZOLLER »gemini« measures 120 cutting edges in only 80 seconds – with unrivalled simplicity.  It is ergonomically designed, which allows operators to easily preset as well as automatically measure and check tools.  As a result, you benefit from the highest quality of your workpieces, increased productivity and complete documentation.

CNC control unit and autofocus
Presetting and measuring of crankshaft cutters
   and turn-broach tools

High-precision spindle »ace«
Universal spindle with VSH change and
    power clamping

Concentricity and axial run-out diagram with
   automatic cutting edge correction function

   and tolerance range

Fast measurement with ZOLLER »focus 360i«,
   measures 120 cutting edges in only 80 seconds

Automatic cutting edge cleaning*
Space-saving protective housing*
Calibrator for balancing machine spindles,
   which is certified by an independent institute*

ZOLLER image processing software »pilot 3.0«


Automatic concentricity and axial run-out compensation with regard to the machine spindle*
Integrated measuring sensor for axial run-out compensation of basic tool body for optimal
   manufacturing results*

Heidenhain glass scales for high measuring accuracy
CCD camera with telecentric lens
Dynamic cross hairs over entire measuring window
Analog focusing display for focusing the tool cutting edge
Automatic cutting edge recognition, also greater than 90°
Membrane keyboard for power-operated spindle brake and spindle lock
Autofocus and rotary encoder
Control unit »cockpit« / Adapter and tool management
Numerous measuring programs, for example, concentricity and run-out
Machine table

Technical Data Measuring range Z Measuring range X Diameter
»gemini« 150 mm / 5.9" 500 mm / 19.7" 1000 mm / 39.4"
 Note: The quoted measuring range may be reduced under circumstances when using adapters and tool posts.

   State-of-the-art image processing technology

Measuring mode »focus 360i« Cutting edge inspection Control unit »cockpit«
  Automatic cutting edge

inspection »a.e.c.«

Work area protection cover Automatic cutting edge


  Loading carriage and

load centering

Power-operated tool clamping

auto tolerance compensation

Automatic axial run-out


  Data transmission Color laser printer Label printer
  Foot switch for axis release Maintainance unit  

Universal holding fixture


Tool holding fixture KK Membrane keyboard

We reserve the right to make technical changes.