Fineboring Tools
   Tapered screw adjustment μm-accurate adjustable

HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING CUTTING TOOLS offers the possibility to adjust all inserts in the finebores μm-accurate in diameter by means of the tapered screw adjustment. This high-performance tooling system is both suitable for various machining tasks and a wide variety of materials as well as for HSC machining.

  Highly, precise, special shaped
      pocket seat for excellent insert
  Precision-ground insert
  Tapered screw for μm-accurate
      adjustment of the diameter
  Adjustment in clamped position
      of the insert
  Easy handling

The large chip flutes in combination with embedded clamping elements guarantee an excellent chip evacuation. The clamping element has to be slightly released only in order to change the insert. However, the clamping element itself remains securely connected to the holder.

We reserve the right to make technical changes.